Stone Sculpture Symposium - 8th Edition

Stone Sculpture Symposium - 8th Edition



From Saturday 24 to Friday 30 August 2019.


Free access.


Base de loisirs - 

74340 Samoëns

Let yourself be carried away by the spectacle of creation in the old country of stonemasons of Savoy. five contemporary designers meet up in Samoens to sculpt, in the open air and in the public, the blue-black limestone of Haut-Giffre.

The Samoëns Sculpture Symposium is an institution on its own! More than thirty carved stone works, offered to the curiosity of visitors, to the four corners of the village and its surroundings.

In the shadow of the Criou, artists from all over the world like to meet to exchange friendly Samoëns stone, this very fine, very fine, very hard raw limestone, which provides so much emotions and launches as a challenge. For eight days, in the large open-air workshop of the Stone Village, the eighth Sculpture Symposium will offer the spectacle of creation. Accompany artists to work, in their moments of ardor and impetuosity, in moments of reflection or blows, with good or less good surprises, and stone, always this stone, which seems to converse with its followers a strange and silent dialogue!

For the eighth edition of the Sculpture Symposium, always marked by values ​​of openness, exchange and sincerity, the municipality of Samoëns, in close connection with the Society of Masons, turned to the Black Bleue of the Alps ( the Tines Stone, at Sixt), a beautiful and demanding material. The Symposium will invite five artists representing the French, Spanish, Italian and Danish nationalities. The theme of the year is Solidarity. It will invite creators to work in enthusiasm, without imposing figure, in a theme dear, so to be sure, to the old Frahans, the ancient stonecutters of Samoëns.

As with each edition, the Symposium will offer young people, on half-days, initiations to the creation in direct stone size.

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