F'Estival Les Pépites

F'Estival Les Pépites



From 11/07 to 08/08/2019, every Thursday at 8 pm.

Friday 16 August 2019 at 8 pm.

From 22/08 to 29/08/2019, every Thursday at 8 pm.


Free of charge.


Samoëns Village

74340 Samoëns

All summer, for the 11th consecutive year, Samoëns offers you a very high-quality musical programme. Emerging national or international artists will share their music, their enthusiasm and their talent in unforgettable shows.

The "nuggets" from which the festival gets its name are carefully selected performers who provide outdoor entertainment on the village squares, a chance to spend a convivial moment in the company of rising stars.
Every year, and throughout the year, Samoëns hosts numerous cultural events and concerts at the Bois aux Dames arts centre. In the summer, though, the performers step outside and add that little extra something to your summer holiday!
The organisers, all volunteers, are all keen music lovers and Les Pépites provides them with an opportunity to share their favourites with you free of charge in the summer - their "nuggets" (pépites). The programme is varied. The performers are among the very best. And you can be sure of a totally relaxing holiday. Discover performers with an extensive repertoire and find out about their world.

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