Accompanied walks

Average or high mountain guides will share their passion for heights.

From simple stroll to mountaineering , from expeditions to climbing, from ice climbing to via ferrata , from hiking to raid : discover , explore , experience and life  the mountains safely ...

Afghan walking


Synchronise your breathing rate and footsteps for a refreshing walk.

2-day family hikes with mule


A very friendly experience to live in family, hiking with a mule and spending a night in mountain hut or in bivouac.

Hiking from 3 to 6 days


The Upper Giffre valley is a hiker’s paradise. A superlative, perhaps, but the reality goes well beyond it. At altitudes ranging from 700...

Nordic walking


Come and follow Patrick on this well-being outdoor activity which consists in a fast walk using specific sticks. This sport is very...



Discover the secrets of the mountains with an expert in flora and fauna and their observation equipment. There's something to suit...

The Lakes Hike


A three and a half day hike ending with a river rafting trip amid incomparable scenery dotted with lakes and karst formations.

Recognising wild mushrooms


During a walk through the forest, you'll learn how to identify the main fungus families.

Long crossing of the natural reserve of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval


From 3 to 6 day-trekking in a wild atmosphere with breathtaking landscapes.

Guided summer hikes


Our mountain leader will help you to discover lost corners of the mountains, explore Natural Reserves, and come face to face with stunning...