Guided tour

Samoëns has a strong history, made of strong characters. Enjoy a guided tour to learn more about us, you'll be surprised of all the many small and big stories of the village. You can even live the life in Samoëns from times past in the ecomuseum.

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This walk just before nightfall is full of reminders of local stonecutters in the village of Samoëns. The locations, bathed in the evening...

Guided tours of the artistic and architectural heritage of the hamlet of Chantemerle.

Let the Septitrain take you on a gentle trip around Samoëns. It’s an unusual and friendly guided tour.

Come and visit the farm and folk museum and see the large collection of everyday items. Step back in time and discover the life of a...

Guided tour of the history and architectural heritage of the village of Samoëns.

A sightseeing walk to the hamlet of Les Allamands on the old cross-border track between Haut Faucigny and Valais.

Guided tours of the architectural heritage in the village of Vercland

Come and visit a dairy farm. A chance to taste cheese and fresh milk. This visit is only in French.

A sightseeing walk to the village of L’Etelley on the shady side of the Giffre Valley.

A heritage walk highlighting stonework and Samoëns, two subjects inextricably linked. See the stone worked by the "Frahans", the landscape...