Well-being massage Douceurs du monde

Well-being massage Douceurs du monde


Relaxation and well-being massages of different traditions and origins (Indian, Hawaiian, Balinese, Thai...) performed on the bare skin with warm oils enriched with essential oils.

The Ayurvedic massage “abhyanga” is a massage of Indian origin, performed very gently with a flowing rhythm and with the palm of the hand. The effect lingers subtly, especially at the extremities : the feet, hands and head.

The Hawaiian massage "Lomi Lomi" : the fleshiest part of the forearm is used to follow and adapt to the contours of the muscles. Contact is delicate but deep. The movements are long and continuous, like the ebb and flow of ocean waves. Enveloping and gliding, it helps one to "let go".

The Balinese massage : it alternates between enveloping light touches and more toning touches, with stretching, kneading, percussion, friction, and the application of pressure to energy points. This is the most toning and the deepest of the massages and is especially good for muscle recovery after exercise.

Hot stones massage : It was the American Indians who were the first to make use of the heat-retaining properties of the basalt stones to maintain the energy harmony. This massage provides a unique sort of cocooning treatment : the gentleness of the stones that slide over the skin and their warmth spread a pleasurable feeling of relaxation. The sculpted shape and the composition of the stones (basalt, semi-precious stones and marble) provide a broad range of contrasting sensations, that give this massage a special richness.


All year round, daily.


Adult: from 40€ to 85€.
Child: 30€.





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